The service you get from any registered migration agent is the information they provide and the time they spend to do so. Therefore, the initial consult where we spend time with you to collect information and give you an initial advice will be offered for a fixed fee of $150. This session is up to one hour long.

Yes, we can use emails, telephone calls or video calls to exchange information.

No. The decision on all visa applications is made by the Department of Home affairs. We make sure you make a valid visa application and that no mistakes are made in the application which might cause visa refusal or cancellation due to incorrect or invalid visa application.

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The Administrative Appeal Tribunal is an independent Australian statutory body which reviews decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs regarding visa refusal and cancellation. The role of the AAT is to check whether the decision made by the Department is correct or incorrect. The AAT conducts a fresh assessment of the application and may overturn decision, substitute another decision or return case to the DHA for reconsideration. Any visa applicant or visa holder whose visa is refused or cancelled and is eligible for a merits review of the decision can apply for a review to the AAT. Most of onshore applications are eligible for merits review including some offshore applications in which the sponsor is onshore. It is not mandatory to appoint a migration agent but yes, a migration agent has knowledge of the legal terms and regulations and he/she can assist you with the submission and preparation of your review application to be submitted with AAT. Your agent can – Submit your review application – Correspond with AAT on your behalf – Help you understand the DHA decision, reasons for the decision and the issues which need to be addressed. – Assist you with preparing your submissions and documentation – Accompanying you to the AAT hearing.