VISA Services

Depending on your conditions such as the criteria in the following list, but not limited to it, one or more of the following visa categories may suit you.
  • Your age
  • Academic qualification
  • Vocational certificates
  • Occupation
  • Working experience
  • Financial capacity
  • Business status
  • English language proficiency
  • Marital status.
We will assess your situation and formally advise which visa and pathway is best for you based on the information you provide to us at the initial consultation meeting. The followings are some of the most common visa categories in Australia:
Visa services
Skilled visas

There are multiple visa opportunities for people with skills that are on the Skilled Occupation List.

Business visas

If you are a successful business owner and wish to establish your own business in Australia, there are dedicated business visas for you with pathways to Permanent Residency.

Visitor visas

If you wish to visit family and friends, attend an event or spend your holiday in Australia, you need to apply for a visitor visa.

Partner visas

If you wish to live with your partner in Australia, your need to apply for the partner visa.

Student visa

Australia is home to some of the best schools, TAFE colleges and Universities in the world. If you wish to study in Australia, you must apply for a student visa.

Parent visas

It is every migrant’s wish to re-unite with their parents who live in their mother land. There are visas for you to bring your parents to live in Australia temporarily or permanently.

Skills assessments

As part of visa applications for skilled visas where a skill assessment is required, we can help you with the preparation and lodgement of your skill assessment application


Review and Appeals

If you are not satisfied with a decision of the Department of Home Affairs on your visa or visa application, in some cases, there are provisions to have such decisions reviewed and appealed.


Australian Citizenship

Most migrants wish to become Australian Citizens to benefit from its unique privileges. Applications to become an Australian Citizen can be complex and time consuming. We can prepare your applications for you.